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Electronic thermometer

Features: for measuring body temperature in mouth, under armpit, or rectally fast, safe, and reliable temperature readings waterproof measurement within 10 seconds range: 32.0°C - 42.9°C (90.0°F - 109.9°F) accuracy: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F) soft, flexible measuring tip sound signal automatic switch‑off last measurement memory low battery indicator battery working time: approximately 200 hours

Dial blood pressure

for upper‑arm blood pressure monitoring ARM CUFF: size 23-32 cm made of easy‑to‑clean nylon intended for manual inflation using a bulb pump equipped with two‑part fixing Velcro, a buckle to thread the cuff through, and a place to hang the manometer the facing at the end of the cuff facilitates threading it through the buckle the patch on the cuff with an artery symbol (left arm, right arm) facilitates proper positioning of the cuff on the arm MANOMETER: diameter 52 mm readable scale divided into 2 mm Hg equipped with a clamp allowing fixing the manometer to the cuff measurement range: 0-300 mmHg error range: ±3 mmHg BULB PUMP: equipped with a manual deflate valve not integrated with the manometer the bulb pump is detachable from the cuff tube STETHOSCOPE: equipped with soft earpieces stethoscope tube in the form of a single T arm flat stethoscope resonator, unidirectional, 40 mm in diameter

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