Dial blood pressure monitor

for upper‑arm blood pressure monitoring


  • size 23-32 cm
  • made of easy‑to‑clean nylon
  • intended for manual inflation using a bulb pump
  • equipped with two‑part fixing Velcro, a buckle to thread the cuff through, and a place to hang the manometer
  • the facing at the end of the cuff facilitates threading it through the buckle
  • the patch on the cuff with an artery symbol (left arm, right arm) facilitates proper positioning of the cuff on the arm


  • diameter 52 mm
  • readable scale divided into 2 mm Hg
  • equipped with a clamp allowing fixing the manometer to the cuff
  • measurement range: 0-300 mmHg
  • error range: ±3 mmHg


  • equipped with a manual deflate valve
  • not integrated with the manometer
  • the bulb pump is detachable from the cuff tube


  • equipped with soft earpieces
  • stethoscope tube in the form of a single T arm
  • flat stethoscope resonator, unidirectional, 40 mm in diameter
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