Vitamo care chair

The all-round care chair for greater mobility, comfort and safety


  • Continuously adjustable between the lying and sitting position
  • Removable upholstery
  • IV stands on each side
  • Ergonomic working height for caregivers
  • Barrier-free transportation possible thanks to the individual settings
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This care chair combines a range of different functions in one chair. It can be used as treatment chair, patient lift, transport chair, and much more. With the Vitamo care chair you can continuously adjust between the lying and sitting position, this allows each patient to find the best position for them. The armrests can be swivelled down and out of the way to enable a barrier-free transfer. The chair has a height-adjustable and swivelling footrest and an electric height adjustment that works no matter what position the chair is in, allowing it to be adjusted to each individual patient’s size. In addition, the backrest can be fully lowered until flat. The upholstery ensures maximum comfort and the chair has lockable castors and a fixing option.
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