FOLEY CATHETER two-way, with plastic valve 100% silicone, X-ray contrast, syringe with glycerin



  • device designed for catheterization of the urinary bladder


  • made of soft and flexible silicone, that reduces the allergic reaction of the mucous membranes and increases the patient’s comfort
  • atraumatic, soft rounded, special tip facilitating insertion of the catheter to the bladder
  • tip with two lateral eyes with smooth edges
  • universal urine drainage port of the catheter fits into standard connectors in urine bags
  • 10ml sterile water Pre-filled syringe with 10% glycerin to seal the balloon placed inside the packaging
  • silicone surface that allows atraumatic insertion of the catheter
  • radiopaque line along the entire length of the catheter
  • easy to fill and to empty, tear-resistant balloon of various capacities
  • plastic valve to ensure balloon tightness
  • CH 6, CH 8, CH 10 size has a nylon guide to facilitate catheterization
  • separately packed Catheter Spigot inside the packaging
  • phthalate-free
  • latex-free
  • single-use
  • EO sterilized
  • packaging: 1 pc./double packaging: internal- foil, external- paper-foil
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