dicoSPIKE / dicoSPIKE Chemo

with drawal cannula for multi-dose containers


  • device for needle-free dissolving and / or withdrawing drugs from multi-dose packages (bottles, vials, etc.) – in both directions
  • dicoSPIKE Chemo model is designed for medicines releasing dangerous aerosols such as cytostatics


  • easy to use, ergonomic shape
  • body with knurled surface for a secure grip
  • sharp receiving spike enabling tight and safe connection with containers of different capacity
  • receiving spike groove guarantees complete emptying of the container
  • hermetic self-locking cap securing the connector against contamination
  • available in version with air filter and in version with air and particle filter
  • air filter protects against microbiological contamination and against harmful aerosols
  • particle filter is an effective barrier to protect drugs and liquids from contamination
  • female Luer-Lock connector compatible with products with either male or female Luer-Lock
  • free of latex, PVC and phthalates
  • non-pyrogenic
  • single-use
  • EO sterilized
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