Surgical suction tube

  • device designed for connecting the suction cannula with medical suction device
  • Kapkon tip – designed to connecting the suction catheter with medical suction device
  • made of soft and flexible PVC of optimal thickness to prevent the tube from collapsing and facilitate operating at the same time
  • grooves on the surface of the tube prevent it from bending, twisting and collapsing

    smooth inner surface prevents secretions and body fluids from sticking to the walls of the tube and ensures correct and optimal flow

  • available types of connectors:

    › funnel-funnel

    › funnel-funnel cut-to-fit

    › funnel-Kapkon

  • all types of connectors are compatible with standard suction cannulas
  • available tube lenght:

    › 210 cm

    › 300 cm

  • available sizes:

    › CH 24 – 5,60 mm/8,00 mm (inner diameter/outer diameter)

    › CH 30 – 7,00 mm/10,00 mm (inner diameter/outer diameter)

  • single-use
  • EO sterilized
  • double packaging: internal – foil, external – paper-foil
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