elastoDERM F

foil dressing, with frame, self-adhesive sterile


  • fixing and protecting cannulas inserted into central veins
  • fixing epidural catheters
  • secondary dressing
  • bedsore prevention, works as the so called „second skin”
  • for small epidermal abrasions and damages on the skin surface


  • made of polyurethane film
  • covered with hypoallergenic acrylic glue
  • transparent – allows observation of the dressed place without removing the dressing
  • vapour permeability guarantees correct gas exchange between the foil and skin and prevents it from excessive accumulation of moisture and maceration
  • barier against microorganisms and bacteria minimizing infection risk
  • very thin and elastic – adjusts to the body shape and guarantees freedom of movement
  • the application system – „frame” type – facilities precise and painless application of the dressing
  • waterproof
  • adhesive
  • hypoallergenic
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