Cleansing foam

The Atruist dermatologist cleansing foam has 2% salicyclic acid. Contains anti-inflammatory and hydrating allantoin. Formulated for combination/oily skin by consultant dermatologist Dr. Andrew Birnie. This cleanser is fragrance free, vegan and ideal for acne prone skin as the Salicyclic acid clears pores of dirt and reduces sebum production. It gently cleans blemish prone skin. Removes dry and dead skin cells, providing youthful-looking skin. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh.

The Altruist cleansing foam does not just simply wipe off your makeup residue but it contains anti-inflammatory and hydrating allantoin, to bring hydration back into the skin, as promised.

Our cleanser has been formulated for combination / oily sensitive skin and is fragrance free and vegan, as you are used to from us. The formulation is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, so you can use this product worry-free.

This product is ideal for acne prone skin as the Salicyclic acid clears the pores of dirt and dead skin. It provides youthful- looking skin with just a dab of the cleanser.

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