With our base in Kenya we target East Africa and especially the institutional market. Our most important markets are Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.


Conec Care started its activities in Chili. With our bases in Chili, Argentina and Ecuador we target the South and east part of South America. Our most important markets are Chili, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador.


With our head office in the Netherlands we target the west and south of Europe. Our most important markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Our warehouse in the Netherlands is our global hub.

Conec Care BV

Conec Care BV is a multinational pharmaceutical enterprise with humble roots that trace back to our origins in Chile. We began our journey as avid users of the very products we now proudly distribute. Our inception in Chile reflects a deep understanding of the transformative impact quality healthcare products can have on individuals.
Embracing our beginnings, our focus is on promoting and supporting the local healthcare landscape, in Kenya and East Africa. We bridge international expertise with community commitment, inviting you to experience a world of healthcare excellence inspired by our unique journey.
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Conec Care has a wide collection of health care equipment for sale, both for the professional market and for the homecare market. We target the market with our full program. Special requests are welcome.


Conec Conec Care Chile provides rental opportunities for high-low beds, patient hoists and portable and stationary oxygen concentrators. The rental is available for both consumers and professionals.


We are open for requests from the professional market. We have purchase relations with a number of producers and are able to provide you possibilities for different budgets.
What We Deal In

Effective Solutions

We are not interested in selling anything, we select for you the best options. We believe all products need to be safe, durable, user friendly and price-worth. And it should come with the best customer support possible.

Portable Oxygen

With the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators, you can reclaim your freedom!

Personal protective equipments

Protective Coverall Safe+ against chemical and infective agents type 4b - 5b - 6b

Mobility Scooters

Moving Life Atto can fold in 10 seconds, unfold in 10 seconds, split in a few seconds and easy to carry around.

Weighing Equipment

All kind of weighing equipment for medical and laboratory uses

Sleep Diagnostics

Löwenstein Medical has developed software that supports doctors in diagnosing for sleep related disorders.

Hospital Consumables

Vitae optioer distinctio tatibus emere magni natus eaque

Beds & Hoists

Our high-low beds are stable, beautiful and available for a reasonable price. With patient hoists we consider safety, durability

Skin Care

Altruist sun creams are a high quality, broad spectrum protection. The suncreams have a broad range of photostable UV filters, including the world’s most advanced filter: Tinosorb A2B.

Patient Hoists

With patient hoists we consider safety, durability and comfort for both patient and caregiver. Expect the best in active and passive hoists in every price range.




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Message From Chair of the Board.

To Our Customers

I am honored to extend a warm welcome to our esteemed customers. As the Chair of the Board at Conec Care, I take great pride in our commitment to advancing healthcare. Our mission is to provide you, our valued customers, with cutting-edge solutions in sleep diagnostics, surgical equipment, skincare, and more. In collaboration with our esteemed pharmaceutical partners, we navigate the dynamic landscape of healthcare to ensure you receive top-notch products. Your well-being is at the forefront of our endeavors, and we thank you for entrusting us on this journey of transformative healthcare.

Our Services

Conec is different. We focus on creating a genuine connection with our customers and empathise with them in finding the best solution for their needs. So, don’t expect a readymade solution from us; we need to know your needs before we can propose anything. We have our core products of course, but thanks to our large network all over the world we are convinced we can find a proper solution for your needs.
Championing Quality

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